Where it all began...

Jacie Palmer-Shackelford

Back in early 2016 while I (Jacie) was high school rodeoing my mom & dad sat in the stands brainstorming business ideas for fun because that is my dad's favorite thing to do. So they decided to open up a tack store in Athens, Texas (the closest "city" to where we actually live). My mom wasn't excited about the idea... but thank goodness she decided to do it or we wouldn't be here today! She decided that we could add a little section of clothes off to the side to give women something to shop for when they came in with their husbands! By little I mean three different t-shirt styles and a few earring choices. From that itty bitty room we blossomed. We decided to sell off all of the tack items leaving the men behind and move into a better spot to give the boutique world a shot! We have been at our current store front for almost 4 years and online for 2 years! Since moving to our current location we have met so many great people and made so many friends that shop with us! We are so so grateful for the relationships we have made with in store customers and our online customers! My mom and I have absolutely fallen in love with our jobs here at The Punchy Pony and strive to bring you all of our favorite boho and western trends! We couldn't imagine being anywhere else than here at TPP! XOXO, The Posse Girls!